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First-Generation Faculty & Staff Directory

This directory is not an exhaustive list. This showcases First-Generation Faculty & Staff across campus.

Are you a first-generation faculty and/or staff member? Complete the form in the box to be added to the First-Generation Faculty & Staff Directory.

 FAculty & Staff Directory 

woman smiling with brown hair wearing a green blazer and black top

Kayla Pendergast

Staff, Alumni Engagement

Office Number: 







Man smiling softly facing forward wearing square glasses and a suit and tie.

Bobby Hobgood

Faculty, Languages and Culture Studies








Women wearing dark red blazer paired with black shirt and curled black hair smiling at camera.



Sejal Foxx

Faculty, Counseling






Black woman with brown hair smiling wearing a yellow blazer

Nicole Benford

Alumn and Staff, Niner Financies



King 211




Woman facing the camera smiling with black hair and wearing a green and black shirt.


Katie Russo

Staff, Student Assistance and Support Services (SASS)







Person smiling wearing burgundy shirt with black headband


Asanté Littleton

Staff, Housing and Residence Life 



Housing and Residence Life (HRL) 123




Woman with short hair wearing Charlotte polo smiling and looking at camera from the side


Tracy Beauregard

Alumni and Staff, Office of Registrar






woman wearing black glasses and black sweatshirt with curly black hair and smiling

Deborah Beete

Faulty, Public Health Sciences/CHHS



College of Health and Human Services (CHHS) 335G





Man with square glasses and navy blue button up smiling at camera with green trees in background

Matthew Parrow

Faculty, Biological Sciences







Woman wearing silver earrings and Charlotte polo and long brown hair

Ellissa Brooks Nelson

Staff, Student Affairs Research and Assessment







woman wearing polka dot shirt paired with black blazer and smiling to the side

Teresa Stafford Cronell

Faculty, School of Nursing







woman with curled black hair wearing pin stripped button up and smiling at camera


Tehia Glass

Faculty, Reading and Elementary Education







women with short blonde hair smiling while wearing blue blazer


Becky Croxton

Faulty, Atkins Library






Man wearing square black glasses and black shirt looking at camera


Sean McCloud

Faulty, Religious Studies


Office: Macy 215





person with hand on hip and long black hair wearing a black blazer



Ysatiz Piñero

Staff, Office of Identity, Equity, and Engagement

Office: Popp Martin Student Union 252C




Women with dirty blonde curly hair smiling at camera wearing black and blue necklace


Debbie Rose

Staff, University Career Center







Man wearing round glasses and blue blazer, has black hair and black beard


A.J. Simmons 

Alumni and Staff, Office of Academic Diversity and Inclusion


Office: Colvard North Suite 2400





Karen Shaffer

Karen Shaffer

Staff, Student Affairs









person smiling wearing purple headband and gold hoop earrings


Nana Sledzieski

Staff, External Relations for CHESS and COS








Woman wearing a blue blazer and glasses with long black hair

Tonya Bates

Alumni and Faculty, Biological Sciences


Office: Woodward 214A





women with hand on her hip leaning on desk and wearing green dress

Gabrielle Jones

Alumni and Staff, Facilities Management


Phone Number: 7046876165





Man with gray hair and beard wearing square glasses and suit with tie

Ron Smelser

Faculty, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science

Office: 222 Duke Centennial Hall






Person with short brown hair smiling sideways to camera wearing beige suit jacket

Olya Keen

Faulty, Civil & Environmental Engineering


Office Number: (704) 687-5048

Office: EPIC 3171




Woman wearing floral black shirt with long blonde hair

Krystle Kunnathur

Alumni and Staff, School of Professional Studies







Man with black shaved hair wearing big square glasses smiling at camera

Chris Walls

Alumni and Staff, Office of Undergraduate Admissions


Office Number: (704) 687-7276

Office: Gage Undergraduate Admissions Center, Room 210




Person with curly black hair wearing black cardigan and shirt

Tierra Williams

Staff, University Career Center


Office Number: (704) 687-0686

Office: UCC Career Center- Atkins 174




Woman smiling and looking at camera with curly brown hair

Marie White

Alumni and Staff, School of Social Work







Person smiling directly at camera with blonde curly hair and black floral shirt

Denise Sabo

Staff, Writing, Rhetoric, & Digital Studies